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HTD Hospital Technology & Design is a  German company specelialises in medical (equipment, Furniture , operation theater,lab)  in Europe and the Middle East.
In HTD Hospital Technology & Design, we plan, design, install, validate and renovate  using top quality products from western Europ manfatures . In addition to that, we can supply and install other kinds of hospital equipment. Depending on our clients’ requests, we can flexibly provide either individual components or all-round solutions.

with other partners companies in all medical and construction areas we can manage the turnkey projects.

Optimized operations process

During more than 10 years of experience in building and renovating clean ceilings, floors and walls, we managed to optimize our operations process in a way that reduces time and costs, which enables us to provide our clients with the best quality at the lowest price possible.

International standards


HTD Hospital Technology & Design cleanrooms comply with all applicable international standards.

Project Design

Our team of professional engineers, technicians, designers and consultants prepare designs in accordance to your needs as well as the applicable national and international guidelines and standards.

Project Management

We provide you with clear planning documentations taking all your requirements as well as the applicable national and international guidelines and standards into account.


Products are mostly manufactured in our Hi-Tech partner factories in Germany, which renders our prices more competitive.


Shipments is handled by a team of professional employees thriving to ensure on-time delivery.


Our first-class technicians install your cleanroom or any other hospital equipment in record time.


Once installation has been successful completed, professional handover including the provision of relevant instructions and documentation takes place.




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